Browns “looking for a quantum leap” from Jedrick Wills

Browns reserve tackle Chris Hubbard said that he thinks the team’s offensive line is a “very special group,” but others in the organization are looking for more from at least one of the blockers.

Left tackle Jedrick Wills is that player. The 2020 first-round pick has been a starter over his first two seasons and offensive line coach Bill Callahan made it clear that the team wants to see him reach a new level in his play in his third season.

“I’m looking for a quantum leap in his play,” Callahan said, via Scott Petrak of “I think we all are. He wants to do it. So if it comes from him and he wants to do it, he wants the progress, that’s 99 percent of it. That’s awesome. It’s all intrinsic, it’s all self-motivated. So coming from Jed, I think that means a lot. He’s pretty focused.”

Wills said he “a hundred percent” agrees with Callahan’s view that a leap in his play is due this year and that he wants to prove he’s one of the best tackles in the league this season. Accomplishing that would make Hubbard’s prediction ring truer in Cleveland this fall.